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【2018.7.5 北京】Workshop on Automorpic forms, representations of Lie groups and several complex variables
2018-07-05 | 编辑:

  N202 N219South Building of AMSS., CAS., Beijing  

  July 5-13, 2018  


    Representations of algebraic groups G and their discrete subgroups form a very active research field due to their deep connection and applications to many other parts of mathematics. The discrete or arithmetic subgroups T of algebraic groups are important algebraic and geometric topics; the main goal of automorphic forms is to study harmonic analysis on the homogeneous spaces G=T. When G is a Hermitian Lie group the study of representations and automorphic forms are closely related to complex analysis and complex geometry. The Chinese mathematician Hua Loo-Keng had already realized in the 1940-50’s the importance of harmonic and complex analysis on Hermitian Lie groups and made milestone contribution on the subject. In recent years some important progress has been made by the Chinese mathematicians in representation theory and complex geometry. We propose to organize a school-workshop to give a couple of introductory lectures and to review the progress and formulate new questions. We would like to stimulate more cooperation and interaction between the different research communities in China and promote new progress. This will be a continuation of the spirit and tradition led by Hua Loo-Keng. 


  Program Committee: 

  Xiangyu Zhou          AMSS 

  Dihua Jiang           University of Minnesota  

  Genkai Zhang          Chalmers University 


  Invited Speaker: 

  Lei Zhang              National University of Singapore 

  Kai-Wen Lan            University of Minnesota 

  Dihua Jiang            University of Minnesota 

  Birgit Speh            Cornell University 

  Jingsong Huang         HKUST, Hongkong 

  Pavle Pandzic          University of Zagreb, Croatia 

  Zhu Chenbo             National University of Singapore 

  Siddhartha Sahi        Rutgers University 

  Kai Wang               Fudan University 

  Dongwen Liu            Zhejiang University 

  Zhuohui Zhang          Rutgers University, NJ, USA 

  Zhi Qi                 Zhejiang University 

  Eitan Sayag            Ben Gurion University 

  Chufeng Nien           Chung Kong University, Taiwan 

  Binyong Sun            AMSS 

  Jun Yu                 Peking University 

  Genkai Zhang           Chalmers University 

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